Greece and Italy take steps towards offshore wind development with new legislative actions

August 25, 2022
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Greece and Italy have taken important steps this summer towards kicking off offshore wind deployment with coming legal frameworks.

In late July, Greece adopted a new legislative framework for offshore wind, and in Italy an updated draft of an all-important offshore wind decree was circulated.

Greece passes its first Offshore Wind Law

The first Offshore Wind Law was passed in end-July, setting the stage for development of the targeted 2 GW offshore wind in 2030 by delineating how sites and support will be allocated.

  • Specifics will be defined in decrees by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, and the timing of these will determine when the first auction is held.
  • Sites are identified by the authorities through designation of broad development areas, followed by definition of specific installation zones after strategic EIAs and stakeholder consultations.
  • Developers must have research permits for the development areas to be eligible for the coming auctions awarding site leases along with 20-year sliding feed-in-premiums.

An updated draft of the FER II Decree debuts in Italy

An updated draft of the FER II decree was circulated in late July. The FER II decree will establish a support regime for offshore wind, which dozens of announced projects around Italy need to move forward. Final approval of the FER II Decree is still pending.

  • The updated draft decree encompasses both floating and fixed-bottom wind, as opposed to an earlier draft, which only featured floating wind support.
  • CfDs have been extended from 20 years in the old draft to 25 years in the updated draft.
  • The capacity of the allocation rounds planned for 2022-2026 has been increased from 3.5 GW in the old draft to 5 GW in the updated draft.

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