The Big Float: Aegir Insights launches a six-month series of insights and analyses covering all aspects of floating wind

September 14, 2021
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The future is floating - Discover Aegir Insights' thematic intelligence series on floating wind "The Big Float"

With utility scale projects emerging all over the world, the floating offshore wind sector is at an inflexion point. The rapid cost out of offshore wind combined with floating technology’s locational flexibility has brought on a rush to hunt the most competitive sites globally.

But which developers will emerge as the winners of this race? Which floating technology concepts will they use, and which countries will become hubs, serving the global sector?

Today Aegir Insights launches our thematic intelligence series on floating wind, putting models, deep data and impactful research in the hands our clients.

We’ve identified 40 of the most promising commercial scale floating wind projects. Through bi-weekly reports over the next six months, The Big Float series will cover insights such as:

  • Which commercial scale projects are likely to secure early route-to-market?
  • Understanding the complex developer and technology partnerships in the floating sector
  • Strategies, costs and commercial considerations in coming lease auctions
  • Which floating foundation concepts are poised to secure the important first project volume? And what are the prospects for the rest of the field?
  • Where are the gaps and opportunities in commercializing floating – from shallow mooring to industrialized assembly?

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